Looking for the Best Primary and High Schools in Nigeria !!!!! StudyinNigeria.com

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Have you ever wondered why you have no idea about the school you are about to register your wards? But do not worry because StudyinNigeria.com has all the news, details (good/bad), forums, and online rating platforms.

StudyinNigeria.com provides detailed profiles, video presentations, teachers’ profiles and school ratings for Primary and Secondary schools in Nigeria. The School Guide Rating is entirely based on parents review data and is 100% objective. Rating points are assigned to the rating options “Very Good”, “Good” and “Neither good nor poor” respectively. School rating includes:


  • Private primary schools;
  • Private secondary schools;
  • Government primary schools;
  • Government secondary schools;

Information for the StudyinNigeria Schools Guide comes from a number of sources, including questionnaires returned by thousands of schools every year. Any school wishing to add or enhance its profile should use our Add a School form or contact us. The profiles of added schools are verified by the website administrator.

In addition to the schools guide, StudyinNigeria provides all:

  • important education news in one place.
  • online bookshop that offers delivery across the 36 states in Nigeria
  • high-quality online rating platform for teachers.
  • forums for use by parents, teachers and pupils

Parents connect with top school administrators;
Parents connect with top private teachers;
Parents connect with parents;
Students connect with students.

The platform is mobile friendly, Users can access via mobile phones, tablets and computers. All you have to do is Register.

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