Arsenal Loses Again, Is This The end?

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Believe it or not there seem to be crisis again at Arsenal, they seem to be alive only when at the Emirates, the 11 loss in a second season, only the second time under the reign of Arsene Wenger.

The freak of display by the team goes to show one thing torrid and labored stress, the lack of creativity spark, fluidity and unforced errors goes to show the incapability of the players.

Mustafi on his own had over 15 unforced errors and you begin to think if he is even worth 10million quids as against the 30m paid for him. If Ozil, Ramsey and Bellerin are out of the season, does that mean the creativity in the team will die?

These and many more questions should be presented to the board and not just thrown at the feet of Arsene.

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