Wizkid Insults Linda Ikeji Says His Director Slept With Her

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Wizkid just posted this on Linda Ikeji’s Instagram page after Linda shared yesterday on her blog that Wizkid was served a Quit Notice at his home in Lekki:

All those shoes and bags still won’t help u keep a good man!

U and ur laptop will stay married for life! That’s why my director f.ucked u and left ur ass in the hotel Cos ur p.ussy stinks! ? I goggled “Linda at 25” and found nothing. U wish u had all I have at 25! Ur mom and ur entire family are still losers! U nothing but a blogger! All that money won’t change that. If I ever see u, I’ll get my 16 year old cousin to beat the shit out of u. Ugly old b.itch! Just stay indoors and hide behind ur laptop! #UglyBitchLinda!

Just know that we balling over here! #UglyOldBitchLinda!


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