VIDEO: World’s scariest interview? LG ‘plays cruel prank on job applicants’

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World’s scariest interview – or just a great publicity stunt?

This was so funny i nearly peed in my pants, no joke!

Either way, LG Electronics in Chile is wowing the world with its latest amusing TV advert.

The spot sees a host of job applicants entering a fake office to be interviewed for a job with the prestigious firm.
As the questioner looks at their resume the blue sky in the window behind starts to turn black before a meteor emerges and crashes into the city.
                  Applicants see an end of the world meteor crash outside the window.

The lights go out and the terrified applicant is left groping around in the dark.

But then the lights go on – and it’s revealed that the “window” is in fact the electronics firm’s latest 82-inch “Ultra HD” TV.

interview6n-10-web                   The image is so realistic that the applicant begins to panic.

The premise is that the images are so life-like, and the sound so realistic, that viewers can’t tell the difference between real or virtual.

interview6n-12-web                  Several applicants’ reactions are seen in the video.

Uploaded to YouTube on Monday, the “prankvertisement” has since gone viral and been seen more than 1.4 million times.

interview6n-4-web                  The interviewees are let in on the joke in the end.


                  The ad has been viewed 1.4 million times since Monday.

There’s been much speculation that actors were used to play the part of the applicants, but LG has so far offered no comment on the claims.



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