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Twitter adds live Periscope broadcasts to timelines

Twitter on Tuesday began weaving live Periscope video broadcasts into timelines streamed to its application tailored for Apple mobile devices. “Go LIVE and broadcast straight into Twitter!” the one-to-many messaging service’s chief and co-founder Jack Dorsey proclaimed in a

Intel shows how this button-sized chip could revolutionise live sports

Intel had one of the coolest presentations at this year’s CES, when it brought BMX riders, skateboarders, and free-runners alongside its CEO Brian Krzanich on-stage for its keynote speech earlier this week.

N1.04trn Fine: We Expect No Operation Disruptions For Not Paying Fine – MTN

MTN Nigeria has said it did not expect any service disruption on its network as deadline for payment of N1.04 trillion fine, later reduced to N780 billion by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, expired yesterday.

Google Maps Upgrade Will Enable You Get Directions When You’re Offline

If you’ve ever gotten lost in Lagos thanks to a passerby’s vague description of “turn left after the first roundabout then turn right after the second left turning”, you’ll appreciate how much of a lifesaver Google Maps is. Helping people get around towns is no mean feat and it is one which the Google Maps […]



The Social Media Jury, a panel session master class on Social Media will hold on Tuesday November 10th by 11am at the Lagos Creative Industry Fair venue in Freedom Park, Lagos Island. Tagged ‘’ Social Media: The New Global Currency’’, the master class will bring together creative entrepreneurs and SMEs to a platform where they can […]

Unresolved Issues Using Touch ID with iOS 9.1

Don’t call it Touch ID-gate, but more than a handful of users report a similar problem.A handful of users in Apple’s Support Communities report that Touch ID is buggy and unresponsive with iOS 9.1. Users say Touch ID works more slowly — and often not at all — when updating to iOS 9.1 from a […]

Can Microsoft Edge be the Perfect Teacher’s Aide

Students learn in a variety of different ways — mostly in a combination of auditory, visual and kinesthetic methods. This means that we need things explained verbally and visually, and then need to actually practice or take a hands-on approach. Traditional teaching methods are great for the auditory learner, but others need that visual and […]

Facebook Stops the Mention of a website on its Platform

Facebook has stopped allowing its users to mention the name of another social network on its apps and website, but it’s not for the reason you might think. The site is, an invite-only social network that is premised on the idea of sharing ad revenue with its users. The problem, it seems, is the […]

Apple Touch ID fingerprint tech ‘broken’, hackers say

Fingerprint scanners have always been vulnerable to hackers who are willing to go the extra mile to bypass them. Over the years, we’ve seen everything from people using Gummy Bears, Play-Doh and more sophisticated techniques to bypass these biometric scanners. It’s not really a surprise then, that Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the new […]

BlackBerry’s chat service BBM coming to Android, iPhone by this week

BlackBerry’s popular instant chat service BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will start running on rival mobile devices powered by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS software later this week in line with the Canadian smartphone maker’s plans to open up the service to hold on to market share.


  “You let a doctor take a dainty, helpless baby, and put that stuff from a cow, which has been scratched and had dirt rubbed into her wound, into that child. Even, the Jennerians now admit that infant vaccination spreads disease among children. More mites die from immunization than from the disease they are supposed […]

Nissan Automated Cars Series

An autonomous vehicle, capable of driving completely by itself, is nascent technology, and as such can be nerve-racking. But when the sci-fi overtones die down, what is left is a deeply tested artificial intelligence system that is much like a human driver – only safer.

VIDEO: World’s scariest interview? LG ‘plays cruel prank on job applicants’

World’s scariest interview – or just a great publicity stunt? This was so funny i nearly peed in my pants, no joke! Either way, LG Electronics in Chile is wowing the world with its latest amusing TV advert.

Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s device business for $7.2 billion

Microsoft announced Monday that it would acquire Nokia’s mobile phone business in the latest blockbuster news that signals a massive transformation of the tech giant. 

Sony Xperia Z Ultra: First impressions

Smartphones are increasingly getting bigger, closing the gap with tablets. In fact, at a point where the smartphone screen crosses the 6-inch, it’s difficult to call them smartphones. While not everyone likes to call them ‘phablets’, they clearly lie in hybrid territory, offering smartphone features in a near tablet form factor.

10 apps to cut down your phone bill

With Internet-enabled phones, it has become easier to stay in touch with people at all times. With plenty of apps that offer text, audio or video-based options to stay connected, it can be difficult to pick ones that stand out from the crowd. Here is a list of some popular free calling applications in no […]

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C names ‘confirmed’, next generation iPhone to have fingerprint reader, Gold colour variant

It’s been long rumoured that the next iteration of the iPhone will be called the iPhone 5S and will not bring radical external changes. However, a new report by Japanese website, Mac Otakara, which is one of the few credible sources of Apple related news, confirms that the phone would indeed be called the iPhone 5S, citing […]

10 new features in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS

Google has announced the roll out of the next iteration of its Android operating system, dubbed as version 4.3, with the launch of its new Nexus 7 tablet. The new version will be called ‘Jelly Bean’ and would actually be the third version to carry the same tag after Android 4.1 and Android 4.2. The […]

70 million Android tablets activated during last year, 1 million apps on Play Store

While the market is flooded with Android tablets, Google’s mobile operating system and the app ecosystem around it, is not really known to be conducive to the growth of tablets. Barring some showcase devices like

Best Intel Haswell laptops, Ultrabooks, MacBooks and a host of others

The top new notebooks rocking Intel’s new chips… The arrival of Intel’s new 4th-generation range of computer processors – known collectively by the codename ‘Haswell’ – was rather overshadowed by the punch-up between the Xbox One and PS4 last month. However, the new Haswell chips represent a major step forward for

Xbox One: All You Need to Know About Microsoft’s New Console

Microsoft can only hope it’s half as right as it was last time around. The 360 was built to last. That eight-year stretch of dominance makes it the oldest of the current generation of systems, and the last to be cast off in favor of a new system. Over that time the Xbox has picked […]