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Check out These New Photos of Simi & Falz That Has Got Everyone Raising More Questions on Social Media (Photos)

Musicians Falz and Simi continue to raise questions with the two claiming they are not in a relationship.

8 Ways To Make First Time Sex With A New Partner Awesome

The first time you have sex with a new person is always a nerve-wracking experience. Even for the most confident of us, letting a new human see you in the state you were born in can conjure up all kinds of fear, never mind the worry of the act itself.

What Her Body Needs By Tunji Andrews

You might want to brace yourself please this is some grown up ish and parental advisory recommended, well any way read on. “Oh My God! Tunji, you’re killing me”, said the Fox in a hoarse whisper, as her voice modulated in an ecstatic symphony, like waves crashing over a seashore, the light from the scented […]