Folake Folarin-Coker and the Tiffany Amber Brand

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Although Tiffany Amber is a very modern brand the line’s success story started almost two and half decades ago in 1998.
The brand’s success comes from striking the balance between local flavour and international appeal.
Before choosing a full-time career in fashion and design, Folarin-Coker was torn between choosing the safe option of a law career and the former, which she loved to bits. In 1998 she finally decided to dedicate herself to fashion.
Ten years after the launch of the Tiffany Amber brand, she made her first major international debut, showcasing at the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in New York.
Blown away by her collections, the organizers of the New York Fashion Show invited her to stage a second show, the first African-based designer at the time to have been accorded that privilege in the history of the event.
Ready for bigger opportunities, she launched extensions of the Tiffany Amber brand that same year, rolling out TAN by Tiffany Amber (Diffusion Line) and Folake Folarin (Couture Line).
With a mixed-influenced foreign and local orientation, having been born in Lagos, and schooled in England, Switzerland and Scotland, Folarin-Coker is able to bring all of these cultures into her arty designs.
The Tiffany Amber brand is “ultra-feminine,” she believes. “Tiffany Amber creates feminine, timeless pieces – that brings out the princess in every woman.  Tiffany Amber’s glamorous creations are characterized by sensual shapes, the richest of fabric and exquisite detail.”
Its definition as an iconic label has made both founder and brand constant features worldwide. In 2009, she won Designer of the Year at the African Fashion International in Johannesburg, followed by Fashion Brand of the Year in 2011, at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week.
She’s widely reported, and has appeared in publications from Marie Claire to Vogue Italia, as well having been profiled on networks such as the BBC and CNN.
In the streets of Nigeria, her solely operated shops offer some of her timeless and eclectic pieces to Nigerian fashionistas. On a daily basis, she opens her doors to thousands of fashionable consumers who want a bite of that Tiffany Amber brand.


















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