FLASH NEWS BLOG WEEKLY FEATURE: Photography Takes The Big Picture [SPEC President]

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Chukwuka Anthony-Osakwe, popularly called Chux Anthony, is a Basic Medical Science student of the University of Benin; Human Physiology major and last of three children. He is drawn to diverse fields – “Jack of all trades, master of all” as he likes to refer to himself. Music, acting, social media management, TV/Radio presenting, photography are a few of his many interests.

In 2012, his flair for photography started to intensify. This led to the acquisition of his first camera (Nicole) in 2014. He is currently a portrait and fashion photographer.

By late 2014, practicing photography on campus was hectic with the unfriendly nature of the university’s security personnel towards students with camera. As a measure to cob the situation, he started the first ever student photography club in Nigeria – SPEC (Student Photography Enthusiast Club). With less than twenty members at the time, the club kicked off officially in January 2015.



One of the club’s major goals is to give student photographers the right orientation and foundation in photography; each member to explore the different genres of photography and at graduation (or before), find the genre(s) he/she desires to specialise in.

The Club’s membership has rapidly expanded since inception in 2015 to about fifty members. They have worked with brands in school such as the Uniben Metro, Graham Garrick, Fresh Bliss, and even models and individuals alike.

SPEC also launched her magazine in 2016 which started as an Instagram only magazine in January. It made its full fleshed magazine debut (online only) in February 2016. Its next issue which is a merge of March and April, is scheduled to go public on Sunday the 10th of April 2016.

Here is a link to SPECs 1st online edition CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

The link to the 2nd Editon would be out in a bit stay tuned.

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