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Well this week the FNB team caught up with MC Bluetut a comedian who is an OAP at the Bronze FM, hear what he had to say.

1. What is your name

My real name is Enoma Emmanuel a.k.a MC Bluetut.

2. Where are you from

I am a proud Benin boy from Uwuhde L.G.A.

3. What does MC Bluetut do

I am a multitalented entertainer, I am an OAP with Bronze FM Benin, I am a comedian unto one God, and I am also an MC.

4. Did you go to school

Yes, I went to school, Auchi poly so I’m mentally okay.

5. How old are you

I am just 25.

6. When did you branch into entertainment

I started entertaining way back in 2005/2006, but I actually started in Rhythm FM professionally in 2007/2008.

7. Why did you go into the entertainment scene

After school I entered the streets, but men things nor just dey funny, things tough pass tough.

8. What are your achievements so far

By God’s grace well I’ve achieved a lot but there was one major award by ITCB – a telecom company, they gave me an award because of a radio show I anchor at Bronze FM, I got the award some months back and I was congratulated by other major entertainers in the industry.

9. Which shows have you gone for

Well I was at glo slide and bounce which took place some few months ago in Benin, I was at Ehiglad’s love concert about 2 years ago, more recently I was at Miss COLBEN 2013 where I was a judge, I was also in Ghana Mic Showdown Accra around this time last year, I was in a show organized by AIRTEL in South Africa, there was also a show in Benin-City organized by Lucozed Boost where I performed.

10. Have you performed alongside any major comedians

Yes I have, at the Ghana Concert I performed alongside Seyi Law, Basket Mouth and a host of others.

11. What is your fashion sense like

I dress very simple; I always wear a cap that’s my fashion statement.

12. You don’t have a bald head though

No o, I get hair well, in fact I just cut my hair you no see as the hair fine, “removes cap to show me his well cut hair”.

13. What is your favourite food

Semo and Egusi soup, but I like wheat also, but these foods can change with time nothing is constant, my best soft drink is Fanta or Mirinda, I don’t like anything dark in a bottle. I don’t take alcohol but I drink wine.

14. What perfume do you use

I use active man.

15. What have you learnt so far in the entertainment industry.

I have learnt to be strong and focused, to achieve a common goal which is to blow and make more money.

16. Who is your mentor

I have always and will always look up to God.

17. What is your weak point

I no weak o, I dey very strong only say I no dey play with money.

18. How are you with the ladies

I am fair with the ladies.

19. What kind of attention do girls give you

“Refuses to answer”

20. Do you have a girl friend

I have girlfriends, a lot of girls that are friends, well I don’t really believe in love again.

21. Well thanks for your time MC Bluetut it was really nice interviewing you, you had me cracked up all the way.

Yeah thanks for having me.


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@mceebluetut »dj bee«{BRONZE FM 101.5}RADIO NIGERIA BENIN













You can listen to MC Bluetut on Bronze FM (101.5) Benin on Fridays 10:30pm and on Saturdays 7pm-12am, follow him on twitter @mceebluetut

You can also follow flashnewsblog on twitter @fnb56, and on facebook 

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