How to Disassemble/Tear/Destroy your Blackberry Z10 + Video

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Warning: FOR THE ADVANCED ONLY,  FlashNewsBlog will not be held responsible for anything you do with your mobile phone. That being clearly said we proceed.

If you’ve got a busted screen on your BlackBerry Z10 and you’ve got the nerves to disassemble it yourself, here’s a really great how-to video. It goes through the whole rigamarole of which screws to loosen first and what to pry off (and more importantly, what not to). It’s really well-lit, the slower parts are time-lapsed, instructions are made clear through subtitles.

blackberry Z10
blackberry Z10

Keep in mind that you’ll need the right tools to do all of this, namely a pentalobe screwdriver and a prybar. A pair of fine tweezers would be handy too. I’ve done this kind of disassembly a few times, and though it’s a ton of fun, it’s also a little bit nervewracking. When doing it yourself, having concise instructions like these is really helpful.

Just in case you always wanted to tear down your Z10 here is a perfect chance to do so


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