Candid Thoughts As Ice Prince Exits Choc City Music

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Ice Prince revealed sometime today that he is no more with Chocolate City Music one of Nigeria’s biggest music & all round entertainment platform which has produced the likes of MI, Jesse Jagz, Kimani, Brymo & a host of others.

Up until now Ice was choc city’s VP a result of the recent restructuring the Music label had undergone with MI his long time & childhood friend becoming the labels President .


He shot to instant limelight with his major hit Oleku & continued to churn out hits which then resulted to his 1st album Everybody Likes Ice Prince (ELI) which further planted him as one of Nigerians most talented rappers.

Ice has no doubt had his own share of music industry criticism, accused of occasionally having the same tune or rhythm on several songs & having a fixed way of doing music but still no one can take away the fact that both him & his music has enjoyed many success, accolades, endorsement deals, & various awards both locally & internationally.

This new revelation of Ice deciding to forge ahead with his music career without Choc City is both ironically long overdue & shocking;

Long overdue in the sense that he has done his time & no doubt paid his dues to the Choc City crew of which I’m sure both parties benefitted in no small measure. Shocking in the sense that one would think his recent position as Vice President of Choc City Music was a way of compensation & showing appreciation for been loyal & a job well done over the years and would furthur see him wielding more power in the label.

One thing is certain the Choc City fam would miss Ice dearly & wish him well on his new endeavor, also every music fanatic in Nigeria would watch closely how he picks off from here on.

As for Choc City not much would change as its obvious a long term plan has been laid out for the platform & all its acts, already they had rumored earlier this year about dropping a chunk of projects, mixtapes & albums with MI himself leading the way early on with his highly successful mixtape “Illegal Music 3” the last of the Illegal Music series, & now with Jesse Jagz  Choc City’s prodigal son back to the fold it can only get more exciting & hopeful for Choc City Music.

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