What Her Body Needs By Tunji Andrews

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You might want to brace yourself please this is some grown up ish and parental advisory recommended, well any way read on.

“Oh My God! Tunji, you’re killing me”, said the Fox in a hoarse whisper, as her voice modulated in an ecstatic symphony, like waves crashing over a seashore, the light from the scented candles revealing the deep yearnings within her eyes; exaggerating her sporadic spasms to my every touch, a testament to her body’s synchronizations with the movement of my hands. I could feel her heart racing behind her right bosom, as her lips released a gasp in response to mine nibbling past her navel, meeting an explosion as it convened with those between her thighs (lips); deep breath, moans, bodies convulsing under the intense fusion of sweaty bodies, every touch enhanced by the sweet tunes from my ipod in the corner of my room…American Dream’s Falsetto on repeat.

Those blue suede heels attached firmly to that beautifully crafted naked body between my sheets, had me biting my lips and wondering what I had done right in a past life to have that all to myself; lips like cheese, butter milk-glowing skin bathed in scents of Escada, rising emotions swelling between my loins to a knowing that she was going wild to all I did…………………Moans, Screams, seizures and Orgasms after, and there was peace.

She lay in my arms, making slow near rhythmic movements, slightly gyrating her hips, obviously still experiencing after tremors of the earthquake just past. Her feeble attempts to stand excited me, noticing that her legs were shaky, control giving way as her body tried its best to reboot.

Slightly out of breath, thinking of how to straddle to the kitchen to get some liquids my body now ached for, “How do you do it?” she asked, her question breaking my previous line of thought. “How do you know how my body needs to be touched? How do you time every move to perfection? It’s not just the fact that you do me right, it’s in how you answer every craving my body has.” The flattery was compelling, seducing my mind into believing that I indeed knew what her body wanted, knighting me with sexual chivalry, mounting the throne. It felt good coming from her, but needless to say I had heard these words many times before, sometimes in foreign languages; and thus I thought to pen down my thoughts on what I think her body needs.

Like a number of men, I used to believe that sex was in the looks. We emphasize the importance of the defensive and offensive strategies, and let’s not forget a pretty face as indicators for how great the sex would be. However, I have come to realize that looks count for little, especially in a dark room, and that the efficacy of the act itself is in its ability to transcend from the mind into the body. For her body to crave you, her mind has to want you first, for the sex to be great, it must happen first in her mind. I do not care if she is into you, bro, she has to be seduced, lured, made to ache for you, and made to imagine repeatedly what the feel of your hands on her delicate skin would be like. Noting that women are more word-oriented beings, it would help to craft your words to subtly drop hints on how you crave, yearn for and desire her; never forgetting that she is a deity and must be worshiped.

The act itself must be controlled; nothing turns a woman on more than a man who looks like he knows what he is doing. Every touch, light and slow, almost not touching her skin but with enough contact for her to know that you touched her. Patience is the key, her body does not get cranked up as fast as yours; so you must take your time and wait for it. Her bosoms look tempting, swelling under your gaze but, must only be teased and not touched until she aches for it, the torture, the waiting, the yearning will make her thank you afterwards. No two women are exactly alike, so great would be thy folly to assume Miss X would want what drives Miss Y wild, and thus, you must be like Mr Park and explore her river Niger, every crevice, every corner, taking note of those reactions, growing your list of erogenous zones to focus on.

Lastly, I’d say the key ingredient here would have to be the look in your eyes, practice it before a mirror if you must, but, she must see it in your eyes that you crave her; I am not speaking of lustfully glaring at her, I mean the intense craving of a woman that has taken your soul away; she has to see that she pleases you and that she can’t possibly go wrong with you, remember that the only way the sex would be great even for you is when its good for her, thus, put your back into it and carve your name into her memory for life.


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