Best Intel Haswell laptops, Ultrabooks, MacBooks and a host of others

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The top new notebooks rocking Intel’s new chips…

The arrival of Intel’s new 4th-generation range of computer processors – known collectively by the codename ‘Haswell’ – was rather overshadowed by the punch-up between the Xbox One and PS4 last month. However, the new Haswell chips represent a major step forward for Intel and the rest of the computer industry.

Instead of following the traditional ‘Moore’s Law’ – which states that computer processors double in speed every 18 months – Haswell chips focus on more efficient power-consumption and battery life.

Intel claims that laptops with a Haswell chip can last for up to 11 hours – although we’ve actually seen more on some of the latest laptops. The power-efficient chip doesn’t require large internal fans to keep it cool, either, which means that manufacturers can produce laptops that are slimmer and lighter than ever before. So here’s our guide to the next-generation Haswell laptops that are coming your way.



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