‘90s JNCO Jeans are Back and Proud

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Whether you like it or not, the ’90s are back.

First Limited Too and dELiA’s reemerged, then Tommy Hilfiger and jello lipstick brought us back in time. Now you can wear JNCO jeans as you shuffle down memory lane. Yes, the low-waisted, wide-legged denim made popular by skaters, is once again in style and available for purchase.

The jeans, each with a 23″ or 32″ leg opening come equipped with embroidered animal patches like kangaroos and wooly mammoths. Their huge back pockets which were originally the ideal size for a Discman and a few boxes of Hi-C Ecto cooler, are now perfect for toting a tablet or iPhone 6s Plus.


In addition to the cult-favorite pants, the heritage collection, ranging from $19.90 to $69.90, also includes graphic tees and hoodies.

Celebrities from Rihanna to FKA Twigs have already been spotted embracing the wide-legged denim trend.

“It really helps that our jeans are timeless,” Isaac Cohen, JNCO’s chairman, said in a press release. “Whether you wore them in the 90s or are waiting for the new collection to be released, they’re going to be just as fresh and just as comfortable to wear.”

The line is currently available for preorder and will be officially released in December.

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